Mercian Disability Forum

The Mercian Disability Forum (MDF) is a special interest group of the Mercian Collaboration, formally incorporated in July 2017. Prior to this, the group had met on an ad hoc basis outside of the Collaboration. The MDF comprises library professionals working within member institutions with an interest in, or responsibility for, supporting disabled students. Membership is representational and largely self-selected by individuals within membership organisations

The MDF's activities, direction and contributions are overseen by the group’s Chair, as guided by input from the Mercian Collaboration Steering Group, and supported by the MC Executive Officer. The subgroup is currently co-chaired by Deborah Munro and Manda Laine. The Committee reports and is responsible to the Mercian Directors, via the Mercian Collaboration's Steering Group and Group Sponsor (Jo-Anne Watts).

For more information on this as well as other activities, membership, and future events, please contact the Group's Committee members or the Mercian Collaboration Executive Officer.