Conference 2023: Code of Conduct

Mercian Collaboration Conference 2023

Code of Conduct

What do we expect of you?
We want everyone attending the conference, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion, background or position to feel comfortable and welcome.

To make this happen we expect all attendees to follow these guidelines:

•    That we are respectful of others, allow them to speak and share opinions freely and without judgement
•    That we treat everyone equitably
•    That we listen to speakers and facilitators when they are sharing information
•    That any mobile devices are, where possible, switched to silent so as not to distract speakers
•    That we engage and interact with others in a professional and friendly manner but respect anyone who would prefer to observe rather than interact
•    That we are respectful of a desire for physical distancing or the choice to wear a face mask where such a preference is made

If you have any concerns about attendee behaviour during the conference, please do speak to a member of the Conference Group who will be happy to address your concerns.