Trans Awareness in the Library - April 2024

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 - 14:00 to 16:00

Illustration for Trans Awareness event

This virtual workshop with an external facilitator is for all Library staff, particularly those in outward facing roles. The session aims to provide an opportunity to build confidence and familiarity in all matters trans. This bite-size learning event takes the form of a conversation, rather than a lecture, and is both reflective and interactive. Participants will be encouraged to raise questions and thoughts throughout. The session includes break-out rooms using case studies where attendees can share thoughts and experiences with colleagues.

The event will be facilitated by Dr Kit Heyam, a Leeds-based transgender awareness trainer, academic researcher and activist specialising in public sector, higher education and non-profit organisations. They will draw on their own expertise in trans policy guidance and UK equality law, as well as experiences as a member of HE academic and support staff, charity coordinator, student, and as a trans person.

Audience: All library staff

Location: Online (Zoom)

Click here to book for this event:  (please note: the access code 1234 will be needed to view the event and make bookings)

Registration closes: Friday 12th April, 12pm

Further Enquiries: Please contact Cheryl Gardner, Senior Library Manager (Live Engagement), The Open University,


Online event