Subgroup Sponsors

From 2017 onward, all Mercian subgroups were assigned a Steering Group Sponsor, to provide communication, advocacy and representational benefits to all. Sponsors champion and represent each group's interests, activities and concerns to the Steering Group and Director Board. They also benefit group chairs by providing an experienced and director-level critical friend to offer feedback on planned subgroup activities. Additionally, sponsors help group chairs recognise potential overlaps and synergies between their endeavours and those of other groups, along with how these relate to the Collaboration’s strategic aspirations.

Sponsors benefit the Collaboration through increasing awareness of emerging support needs, while also increasing recognition of subgroup achievements and ongoing efforts at the Directors Board level. Additionally, sponsors assist the Development Officer in ensuring each group meets Collaboration governance, reporting, and strategic alignment requirements. Notably, the Development Officer acts as the quotidian primary coordination, liaison and operational link for all group chairs and members

Sponsor & Subgroup Chair Responsibilities

Chairs and sponsors should periodically exchange informal updates on group and Collaboration activities respectively, highlighting any concerns or where guidance may be required. Subgroup Chairs should especially highlight to their sponsor any forthcoming events or tangible endeavours, even where there are no resource implications. Wherever practical, the Development Officer should participate in any exchanges between sponsors and chairs.

Sponsors are also expected to attend one subgroup committee meeting annually, and through membership of the respective group’s mailing list, keep themselves appraised of current topics of interest. Sponsors are not required to actively participate in group discussions, unless their input would especially benefit, clarify or encourage the group's work.

In this manner, sponsors can represent and report on group activities to Steering Group and Directors Board, on behalf of group chairs. They can also aid in cascading information about subgroups, as well as their events or activities to the Collaboration’s membership and institutional stakeholders.

Current Subgroup Sponsors (2023-2025)

  • Conference Group (CG): Sue Ackermann
  • Copyright Group (MCG): tbc
  • Deputies & Senior Staff Group (D&SSG): Emma Walton
  • Marketing & Communications Group (MarComsG): tbc
  • Mercian Disability Forum (MDF): Jo-Anne Watts
  • Mercian Metadata Group (MMG): Judith Keene
  • Staff Development Group (MSDG): Sarah Pittaway

Groups with a pending sponsor assignment, should contact the Executive Officer or Collaboration Chair for support or information.


Note: For information on corporate sponsorship of our annual conference, please see our conference sponsorship policy.