Spotlight on new Governance Documentation

Gaz J Johnson

A spotlight on a number of recently published and important documentation, which each relate to the policy and activities of the Collaboration.

The Collaboration is pleased to announce the release of a number of key pieces of documentation about its activities, to provide information to the membership and wider audiences about our activities.

Strategic Plan 2020-2024: After two years in gestation, this plan has been released. Approved by the Board and Steering Group, and developed in consultation with the membership, this document outlines the Mercian Collaboration’s five-year strategic plan and provides an overview of our aspirations and priorities. It also explores how the Collaboration delivers membership value through enabling collaborative solutions and support within a changing policy, practice and societal context. More importantly, it provides a statement of intent, direction and purpose against which future activities can be aligned and successes measured. Available at:

Annual Report: The annual report 2019 is now available, providing an overview of the Collaboration’s activities in the past year. The report also provides an update from many of the membership libraries on events they are keen to highlight to a wider audience. Available at:

Tangible Benefits: A new document which provides a guide for use by senior members of library staff as to the benefits drawn from membership in the Collaboration. This document may be of use in terms of justifying or rationalising membership of the organisation, as well as identifying the return on this investment for each institution and its staff. Available at:

Sponsor Policy: The latest version of the annually updated sponsor policy delineates what benefits to commercial organisations there are from supporting the annual conference. The current version now incorporates the pivot to an online event, from a physically attended one.

Other Key Documents

These and all other key pieces of governance information on the Collaboration can be found on our Key Documents page.