Recruiting Online and Being Recruited Online – Recording and Presentations

Gareth J Johnson

Slides and the session recording from this recent and timely event from the Mercian Staff Development Group are now available online.

The Mercian Staff Development Group (MSDG) are delighted to announce that following this week’s event (1/3/22), the session recordings, along with speaker slides, are now openly available. The MSDG would like to thank all the delegates and speakers for their generous contributions and participation, at what we think you would agree was an excellent and timely event.


  • Click here to play the Session recording [01:15:47 duration] – includes transcript and chat logs. 
  • Password to access: .g1R%p1c
  • To navigate to any point in the recording, click on the time bar or text in the Audio Transcript.


Slides for Online Recruitment - Teresa Jordan
Online Recruitment, Teresa Jordan

Cover slides - Applying for a new job remotely - Priya Mehta
Applying for a New Job Remotely, Priya Mehta

Cover slides - Cheryl Gardner - Group tasks for online recruitment
Group Tasks for Online Recruitment, Cheryl Gardner

Further Information

For more information on the topics raised, please contact the speakers (details as per presentations) or Teresa Jordan ( Or for general information or support contact