Recordings & Presentations - Speaker Briefing Events '22

Gaz J Johnson

Recordings and slides from the recent conference speaker briefing events are now available.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Conference Group has hosted a couple of events aimed especially at inexperienced and first-time conference speakers. These speaker briefing sessions, hosted 10th and 19th May 2022, incorporated a range of advice on becoming a better and more confident speaker, preparing a conference abstract alongside suggestions on how to tie topics into this year’s conference theme.

The intention was for attendees to emerge feeling more enabled to become involved as speakers at this year's Mercian Collaboration Conference Redefining Engagement (Sept 6-7th). Initial feedback from the almost two-dozen delegates seems to support this aim, and it is hoped a number of people will feel inspired to submit a proposal.

Given the success of the events, and based on suggestions from attendees’ feedback, outline plans are afoot by the conference group to host similar events in 2023 in support of next year's conference.


Both sessions were recorded and are made available to all via the Collaboration’s YouTube channel.

May 10th Video - Introduction & Conference Theme Video - Taking the Plunge Video - Attention, Problems & Submitting
May 19th Video - Introduction & Theme Video - Taking the Plunge Video - Attention, Problems & Submitting


The two sets of presentations are available for consultation here.

Speaker Briefing - Slides Part One
Pt 1: Introduction & Theme
Pt 3: Attention, Problems & Submitting
Speaker Briefing Slides - Part 2
Pt 2: Taking the Plunge

Further Information

Delegates wanting to follow up discussions are warmly invited to contact any of the event hosts: Gareth J Johnson (, Chris Bradford ( or Andrea Kellett ( Alternatively, any member of the Conference Group is also available to discuss conference speaking and paper proposals.

Submitting a Session Proposal

To submit a speaker session proposal - please visit our Call for Speakers' page - ahead of the June 13th deadline!