Mercian Conference 2024 Speaker Briefing Session 2

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 - 10:00 to 11:00

Come and find out more about how to become a speaker at this year's Mercian Collaboration Conference.

The 2024 conference will take place in Leicester on 11th September, and an open call for speakers will be annouced shortly.

We are running online speaker briefing events to support you in submitting your proposal:
•     Thursday 18th April (afternoon)
•     Wednesday 1st May (morning)

These events are open to anyone considering submitting a proposal, including advice for first-time presenters, support for presenting and public speaking, and guidance about what goes into submitting a great proposal.

Our Conference Group members will unpack the event theme, suggesting ways to relate it back to your own library experiences. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions, share ideas or raise any concerns they might have in becoming a speaker at the Collaboration’s Conference.

Please contact with any questions.

Both sessions will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. They will not be recorded.


Online event