Mercian Buddy Scheme Relaunched (Nov '22)

Executive Officer (Interim cover) on behalf of Staff Development Group

Are you new to Librarianship, recently started a new role or interested in a new area of Librarianship? 
Perhaps you are interested in moving into a managerial or leadership role?
Or maybe you have skills and experience in any of these areas and want to pass those on to other colleagues in the profession?
If any of these things apply to you, then the Mercian Buddy Scheme sounds ideal for you!

Buddying is an informal peer-to-peer support arrangement, where you will be paired up with a relevant member of staff from a different Mercian institution, with the more experienced individual providing a listening ear, while offering advice and insight.

Buddying isn’t mentoring, which often involves formal arrangement between participants, and extensive reporting and monitoring requirements. Buddying is, instead, designed to be light-touch, flexible and hopefully mutually beneficial to all participants. Meetings are relatively short, so you can fit them around your working day, and can be held entirely online or over the phone, as there are no automatic expectations on either party to physically meet up, unless both buddies feel it would be

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