Library Data: What are we collecting and why?

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 - 10:00 to 12:00

All Libraries collect some data on the services they provide whether it’s information for the SCONUL statistics or local service monitoring. However, what data we collect, what we do with it, and how that relates to service improvement and decision making, isn’t always fully formed. The session will provide the opportunity to share and discuss. Our speakers will give a brief presentation of their own experiences to form the basis for a group discussion.

  • Ann-Marie James (Head of Collection Management and Engagement, BCU) and Ann Stairmand-Jackson (Collection Management and Engagement Librarian, BCU) will talk about the presentation of the data they gather to inform decision making.
  • Elaine Lewis (Service Development Manager, Birmingham) and Teresa Jordan (Head of Service Delivery, Birmingham) will talk about their data collection in relation to key performance indicators
  • Victoria Collins (Student Engagement Coordinator, Worcester) will talk about their service standards and benchmarking as they plan to look at the student view of service standards.

Delegates should come prepared to share what you do and with your questions. It’s an ideal chance to network in this area!

As this is a participatory discussion event, attendees are strongly advised to consider questions to raise, information to share or discussion areas to address ahead of the event. Contact event host Kirsty Kift ( for more information

Audience: All library staff involved or interested in performance indicators

Booking: Closes Friday 15th Oct

Online event