Introduction from Emma Walton, Chair of the Mercian Collaboration

Emma Walton
Photograph of Emma Walton standing by the bookshelves in Loughborough University Library

Emma Walton introduces herself as Chair of the Mercian Collaboration, and also introduces our new Steering Group.

Earlier this year, I was delighted to take over as Chair of the Mercian Collaboration and I am really looking forward to working with you all in this capacity.

We also have a new Steering Group comprised of new members and some colleagues who are continuing to be members providing the group with excellent continuity, support and guidance. 

The new Steering Group is as follows:

•    Emma Walton, Loughborough (Chair) 
•    Sue Ackerman, Nottingham (Vice-Chair) 
•    Pete Maggs, Nottingham Trent (Treasurer)
•    Judith Keene, Worcester (Member)
•    Sarah Pittaway, BCU (Member)
•    Jo-Anne Watts, Wolverhampton (Member)

Steering Group members serve a term of two years with the Vice Chair progressing to a further two-year term. 

The Collaboration is supported by an Executive Officer and following the departure of Gaz Johnson, we were ably supported by Natalie Baker-Fosker. However, I am pleased to announce that Ruth Jenkins is our new Executive Officer. Ruth took up the role in April and will work across the Collaboration in supporting our activity. Welcome Ruth.

The Steering Group has oversight over the work of the Collaboration and advances our agenda and activities working on behalf of and for the Director’s Board. Additionally, Steering Group members have responsibility for monitoring and supporting the activity of Mercian groups.

Mercian operates as a sub-group of SCONUL and the new SCONUL Strategy (2023-2026) provides some excellent opportunities for us look at what we can do as a regional consortium to support this strategy.
I look forward to the next Director’s Board when we can talk more about our existing and future activity.

Finally, I want to give all thanks to Chris Porter for her help and guidance as outgoing Chair and to Natalie Baker-Fosker for all the support she provided.

Emma Walton


Photo credit: Loughborough University