Find Your Library Buddy in the Mercian Region

Dr Gaz J Johnson

The Mercian Buddying Scheme introduces an informal but effective professional support network into the UK Midlands.

At this year’s popular Mercian Conference the Staff Development Group (MSDG) introduced their new Buddying Scheme to the world. Buddying is a great way for new, or relatively new, members of library staff to find an experienced and informed friend at one of the other member institutions.

If you’ve ever wanted to have the opportunity to chat, informally, about your work experiences, develop your confidence or simply have a willing ear to listen, then the Buddying Scheme could well be for you. Over the 6 month buddying period, you’ll be matched up with a more experienced member of Mercian library staff at another institution. This means participants won’t have to worry about local politics when chatting with their buddy, and will benefit from insights from outside of their normal working environment.

And what if you’re already an experienced member of library staff?  Well, then there’s the chance for you to be added to our buddies register, and be matched up as buddy. It’s a great opportunity to share your experience and develop your professional networks, in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

We have an incredibly skilled and dedicated workforce at every level across the Mercian Collaboration.”, Kirsty Kift, Mercian SDG Chair, commented at the launch, “Our hope is the Buddying Scheme will tap into all this best practice, knowledge and experience to further support staff development on a 1-1 basis.

Unlike mentoring, the Mercian Buddying Scheme is an informal, professional exchange; where participants’ conversations are confidential unless otherwise mutually agreed. Record keeping is also minimal, with a final brief report from both buddies on how well the experience worked comprising the only formal record.

What’s more, the Mercian Buddying Scheme is open to library staff at all levels of seniority; from library assistant to director, throughout the Mercian membership region. 

Find Out More

For more information on buddying is available, so why not register your interest today! Or to discuss it further, contact your local Mercian SDG representative.