Day in the life of a Library Assistant: yesterday, today and tomorrow! (Mar '23)

Thursday, March 2, 2023 - 14:00 to 16:00

This long awaited event about the changing role of library assistants, has kindly been organised by colleagues at Nottingham Trent University. 
Front line staff at Nottingham Trent University Library helping a student at a PC

Audience: this event focusses on frontline Library staff (at Library Assistant grade.) There are 40 spaces available.

Description: this session gives staff the opportunity to share insights from their working lives, reflect on life post-pandemic and gaze into the future to anticipate what their role might look like in 2030.
The outcome of the session aims to: build a better understanding of what goes on at other universities – what’s similar/different? Look at the library post Covid, what’s stayed the same and what’s changed? Looking into the future, what might the Library Assistant of 2030 be doing?

Pre-work: Ahead of the event create a day plan for what a typical shift looks like in your institution.

Session details:
Introductions (15 mins)

  • What we can expect from the session
  • Who you are and what institution do you come from?

Group session 1 (30 mins)
Come prepared to share and discuss the day plan from your working life:

  • What does a typical day involve, what do you enjoy doing the most? What are the most challenging aspects of your day?
  • Have you noticed changes to how the 22/23 student cohort behaves and interacts in your library?

Group discussion 2 (30 mins)
In a post-pandemic working world, please come prepared to talk about what your library has stopped doing, what new processes and procedures have you put in place and how your role differs.

Group discussion 3 (30 mins)
Looking into the future, what innovations might be taking place and how could these change the Library Assistant of 2030?

Conclusions and Next Steps (15 mins)
What are you going to take away from this meeting and share with your team that may impact your library?

Booking: now open via Eventbrite:
Please book by Thursday 23rd February. A link to join will be sent the day before the session.

Location: Online meeting (Teams)


Photo courtesy of © Nottingham Trent University.