Mercian Conference 2024: Call for Posters

Mercian 2024: Collaboration, Evolution and Sustainability (#Mercian24)

Poster exhibition

As part of the Mercian Collaboration’s tenth anniversary celebrations, we are asking member institutions and special interest groups to submit posters. We also invite colleagues who either have a smaller project, or simply prefer not to present a paper, to create a poster for our exhibition to showcase something you have done.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why a poster?

A poster offers the opportunity to talk about your work / institution in a succinct visual format, to summarise a piece of work or prompt discussion. The poster session is for anyone who would like to have a go - but might lend itself to smaller projects, participants who don’t feel their work is suitable for a speaker slot, or anyone who likes a visual format!

  • What are the themes for poster submissions?

Poster themes are the same as the 2024 conference themes (Collaboration, Evolution and Sustainability); we would also love submissions from member institutions which can commemorate the 10 years since the first Merican conference, as well as any Mercian special interest groups.

  • What format should the poster be in?

We want to display the physical posters, so welcome posters that have been created digitally, or handmade. We are asking submitters to print and bring their posters (if you do not plan to attend we can be in touch to arrange something!)

Posters should be:

  • A1 in size
  • Portrait orientation
  • 600DPI for digital images
  • Word count should be 300-800 words
  • What if I do not have strong design skills?

We welcome posters that are not to a professional standard – though there are many online templates and tools which can be used to put your poster together, the purpose is to communicate your ideas and work so please do not be too concerned about the design. However, if this is your forte please don’t hold back!

  • Can I submit a poster if I cannot attend the conference?

We welcome poster contributors to come to the conference and talk about the poster during the poster session – which is an opportunity to discuss your project and network with other people from other Mercian institutions. However please note that delegate places at the conference are limited. If you cannot attend the conference, we would welcome your poster, just make sure you leave contact details on it so people can get in touch to talk about your project.

  • Can group submit a poster?

Yes, please feel free to collaborate on your poster and make group submissions!  

  • How do I submit a poster to the Mercian conference 2024?

Please fill in our call for posters form by Friday 12th July to submit your idea, and we will be able to get intouch with you to let discuss your idea and let you know next steps!

If you have an idea but you are unsure if it is on theme, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you! Contact us at:




Photo credit: De Montfort University