Conference 2021 Content Now Available

Gaz J Johnson

Recordings and slides from sessions at the 2021 conference have been shared on the Collaboration site for all to access.

The Mercian Collaboration Conference 2021 may have been almost a month ago, but those looking to re-live the two days of exchange and discussion are very much in luck. We have been slowly uploading various pieces of content to the Conference site, which allow delegates along with any other interested parties alike the chance to view it. This year, thanks to the online format, the conference team were able to capture and share not only many of the speakers’ slides but also the actual talks and discussions. As a result, this means we are able to make as many of these as possible openly available in the near future. Our thanks to speakers and delegates alike for helping us make this happen.

Session Slides

Firstly, where speakers have provided them, we’ve uploaded a version of their slides and placed a link from the page below.


Hence, now you are able to browse through the presentations and take any notes you wish, very much at your leisure. While we don’t have a complete collection yet, if you are a speaker and you’d like us to make your slides available here, please get in touch with the Officer and we’ll arrange for this to happen.

Session Recordings

Secondly, we also have a growing collection of recordings from the event itself. We are currently in the process of finalising the session recordings and will be sharing all of these on the website too. These session recordings will include all presented content – live and pre-recorded alike. We hope to have them available over the next week or two. These are also available via the link below:


Pre-Recorded Sessions

Thirdly, where speakers opted to provide a pre-recorded talk, we have already been able to share all of these. Hence, you’ll find six sessions from people including but not limited to Dave Palmer, Steve Bull, Polly Harper and more ready for you to view. These pre-recorded talks do not include the question and answer sessions which followed. You can find these here:


Moments of Joy

Finally, we can’t forget the moments of joy pre-recorded videos. These short, personal reflections on the past year perhaps didn’t gain the maximum exposure during the conference, and so we are delighted to make them available to all. You’ll find them via the same link once again, towards the bottom of the page.



If you experience any difficulties in accessing the content – let us know and we’ll do our best to help (