Announcing Our Title Sponsor for Conference 2022

Dr Gaz J Johnson

The Collaboration is delighted to announce that Bibliu have agreed to sponsor this year’s conference

Every year the Collaboration's Conference Group reach out to suppliers, vendors and other library related commercial bodies with the single question ‘Would you like to financially support our annual conference?’. It’s a challenging task, but one which can reap wonderful rewards for all involved. The Collaboration benefits financially and is able to more easily support activities across the region. For the commercial body, they benefit from a heightened regional awareness and interaction with a wide-range of delegates drawn from across the region and at all levels of seniority.

You can read more about our call for sponsors and what is still on offer.

This year, the Conference Group are thrilled to announce that the title (Platinum) sponsor for the 2022 Conference, Redefining Engagement, will be Bibliu -  a company specialising in delivering a ‘universal learning solution’ offering easier, and more cost-effective access to content for students than ‘traditional approaches’.

Bibliu will have a presence at the event, both within the delegate pool and programme documents, and hopefully within the programme itself[1]. So, if you’re planning on being a delegate at this year’s conference, you’ll have a chance to hear from and even interact with their team in person. We certainly look forward to their input, and offer our thanks for their support!

For more information on the Mercian Collaboration’s Conference, visit our dedicated conference microsite. Or contact the Conference Group Chair Deborah Munro ( or Vice-Chair Laura Newman (


[1] Details TBC when we announce the programme in the coming weeks