Staff Development Group

The Mercian Staff Development Group (MSDG) is an operational subgroup of the Collaboration, whose committee comprises representatives drawn from each of the member libraries. The subgroup is currently chaired by Ann-Marie Lee ( to whom enquiries should be directed. The MSDG Chair reports and is responsible to the Directors Board, via the Collaboration's Steering Group and subgroup sponsor (Sarah Pittaway).

As a subgroup the MSDG's remit is to organise an annual programme of development and training events, alongside visits and other activities, for library staff within member institutions. Specific events are normally facilitated and organised by library staff at one or more member library, as nominated by their local MSDG Institutional Representative. Generally speakling, the MSDG aims to:

  • Provide opportunities for staff at all levels to share knowledge, exchange ideas, experiences and good practice.
  • Host a programme of staff development events throughout each year: including learning exchanges, workshops and library tours/visits.
  • Develop both strategic and operational approaches to the delivery of staff development.
  • Advise and consult with the Mercian Collaboration Directors Board on staff development issues.

Events are hosted primarily for attendance by library staff from Collaboration member organisations (see Events Eligibility for more details). Individuals seeking further information on forthcoming events or with suggestions for future activities are strongly encouraged to contact their local representative.

Documents & Key Information

For more information on specific events or to book a place, please visit the Forthcoming Events page. Alternatively, you may wish to speak to your local representative.


Note: The orginal MSDG formed in 2014 from the amalgamation of EMALINK and WESLINK groups, which ceased to exist at this time.